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Buli Jiu-Jitsu is a community focused on Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and submission grappling (No-Gi) with a strong focus on making these sports safe and easily accessible for all, no matter their prior physical condition, gender, age, etc.

So, if you've ever thought of trying out BJJ or No-Gi, then this is the place to start!

We are immensely proud of our gym in the newly built Urhea-hall (Finnish National Olympic Training Center) where we enjoy state-of-the-art facilities designed for athletes: more than 900 m2 dedicated to martial arts/combat sports, with clean new locker rooms and showers, etc.

Check us out here :

How to get here

Buli Jiu-Jitsu operates in Vallilla, Helsinki (street address: Mäkelänkatu 47, 00550 Helsinki) Our facilities are in the newly built Urhea Olympic Training Center between Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center and Mäkelänrinne High School. 

Urhea Olympic Training Center is easy to access regardless of whether you arrive by public or private transportation.

Arriving by car

Coming by car is effortless and there's parking next to the Swimming Hall (Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center). Parking costs start at 1€/hour (Parking is paid via ticket at the reception desk in Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center) or you can park slightly further away at the Helsinki Velodrome (free parking after 17:00).

Arriving with public transportation

Urhea Olympic Training Center is easy to reach everywhere from the greater Helsinki area as Mäkelänkatu is one of the most central streets for public transportation. When arriving from places that don’t have a direct bus line to Mäkelänkatu, we recommend taking the Metro to Sörnäinen station, and then continue from there via tram or bus (about a 5 min trip). Keep in mind another option: almost all trains arriving in Helsinki stop at Pasila station (next to Mall of Tripla) and you can walk from Pasila station to Urhea Center in about 10 minutes.

Check your connections from HSL (Helsinki Region Transport)

Registration and Prices

Training prices are comprised of two elements:

Annual Membership Fee and the actual Training Fee.

(And here is the reason why we roll like this: Buli Jiu-Jitsu is a nonprofit association registered on the Finnish Register of Associations. According to Finnish law regarding associations, the association can offer services only to its members, so everyone wanting to train with us has to be a member!)

The Annual Membership Fee is luckily only 50€ per calendar year.

(If you want to support our mission you can also be a Supportive Member by paying the Supportive Membership Fee of 25€ per calendar year, which entitles you to participate free of charge at our Open Mat session on Sundays 12.00-13.30!!)

Of course we hope that you'd want to come train with our awesome crew, so here are prices for the actual Training Fee:

Full Access 59€ / Month

All adult classes

(recurring monthly payment with 1 month termination period)

Once a Week Warrior 29€ / Month

Join our adult classes of your choice once a week and smile!

Committed Trainer 700€ / Year

Jump in for all the adult classes for the whole year + you also get a free access to our on-ramp weekend when places are available + a hug from Jyri 

Bulifants (Juniors 7-13 years)

129€ / season 3.8. - 7.12.2021

Minifants (3-10 year old with a parent)

Adult + kid training once a week is 29€ / Month

Adult must be a member! If adult is a Member already, no extra Membership Fee needed for the child.

How to register for Membership and buy Training Periods

Click "Rekisteröidy" from the front page of

Pick one:

Annual Membership (Vuosijäsenyys) for 50€ / calendar year


A Supportive Membership (Kannattajajäsenyys) for 25€ / calendar year

Fill in your details and add payment information (credit/debit cards that are supported: Visa, Mastercard and American Express)

When you've registered and added your payment details, then buy the Training Period of your choice (Full Access, Once a Week Warrior, Minifants etc.)

(NOTE: your payment details must be added before you attempt to buy a Training Period)

Training Fee will be charged automatically from your credit/debit card according to your subscription plan (Full Access, Once a Week Warrior, Minifants etc).

NOTE: Bulifants are the only group that pay by the season, so there are no monthly fees with them.


During Bank Holidays, Urhea Olympic Training Center is closed, so no training during holidays!